Mission & History


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Black Lives Matter.

The Madison Symphony Orchestra condemns the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, so many more in so many ways. Centuries of racism, selective police brutality and unaccountability, and the absence of equal opportunity remain without correction. We stand with people of color and support the changes that must eradicate these things now.

The Madison Symphony Orchestra presents music that feeds the soul of all who hear it. We vow to contribute our resources, both musical and organizational, to support social justice in our community. For its part, The Madison Symphony Orchestra will

    • Actively seek and welcome current and new audiences of color
    • Increase its efforts to diversify its leadership, orchestral music and performers
    • Double the public services that are provided to schools and underserved communities by its centennial season in 2025
    • Seek additional collaboration with Madison organizations serving communities of color
    • Listen, learn and work with humility and humanity to banish racial inequality