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2022-2023 Season

2/16/23, John Stofflet, NBC15: Madison Symphony Orchestra welcomes British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor
2/15/23, PRESS RELEASE: February MSO Overture Concert Organ Performance — New Program Features Greg Zelek and Mark Hetzler
2/14/23, PRESS RELEASE: February Madison Symphony Orchestra Concerts feature the debut of Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor Performing Beethoven
2/1/23, Sandy Tabachnick, Isthmus: Tempestuous sounds, Madison Symphony Orchestra moves from contemporary back to classical in an inventive program
1/21/23, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Pianist Bonfman Still Has It
1/21/23, Matt Ambrosio​, Capital Times: Yefim Bronfman and the MSO climb the ‘Mount Everest of concertos’
1/9/23, PRESS RELEASE: January MSO Concerts Feature the Return of Pianist Yefim Bronfman
12/6/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Christmas Returns Officially With MSO Concerts
12/4/22, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: Give two standing ovations for A Madison Symphony Christmas
9/26/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: It was Marc Fink weekend at the Madison Symphony Orchestra
9/24/22, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: MSO launches its season with a veritable ode to the joy of music
9/22/22, John Stofflet, NBC15: Madison Symphony Orchestra set for another season at Overture Hall
9/21/22, Ava Borelli, WORT FM: Interview With Oboist Marc Fink
9/12/22, PRESS RELEASE: MSO Announces September Concerts, “Joyful Reunion — Beethoven’s Ninth”
9/6/22, PRESS RELEASE: Lisa Kjentvet Named Director of Education and Community Engagement
9/14/22, Sandy Tabachnick, Isthmus: Pulling out all the stops / The Overture Concert Organ Series has an avid fan base with good reason
8/31/22, PRESS RELEASE: MSO 22-23 Symphony Season subscriptions and single tickets
8/30/22, Hywania Thompson, UMOJA: As Madison Symphony Orchestra Celebrates its 97th Season, History is Made
7/27/22, Joyce Johnson Robinson, The Diapason: Doing things a little differently: An interview with Greg Zelek
4/6/22, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: MSO announces 22-23 season; meet new symphony director Robert Reed
3/15/22, PRESS RELEASE: MSO Announces New Executive Director Robert A. Reed

April 2022
4/11/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Wineke: Naha Greenholtz is an MSO Treasure
4/9/22, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: From intimate concerto to grand masterwork, MSO’s concert was celebratory
4/4/22, PRESS RELEASE: MSO Celebrates its 21-22 Season Finale
 with an All-Beethoven Concert, “His Greatest Hits” — May 6-8

March 2022
3/14/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: MSO Audiences Paid Tribute to Ukraine

February 2022
2/20/22, PRESS RELEASE: MSO Takes the Stage with Violinist Gil Shaham in March
2/15/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: It’s a Busy Week for Classical Music in Madison
2/15/22, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: Multimedia program at Madison Symphony expands ‘Rite of Spring’

January 2022
1/31/22, PRESS RELEASE: Two Single Concerts This February
1/24/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: ‘Premiere Debut’ is good music but weirdly titled
1/22/22, Matt Ambrosio, Capital Times: Madison Symphony Orchestra pushes genre boundaries with new concerto
1/19/22, John Stofflet / NBC15: Kelly Hall-Tompkins: Bringing classical music to both concert halls and those experiencing homelessness
1/18/22, WORT: A Chat With John DeMain Of Madison Symphony Orchestra

December 2021
12/13/21, PRESS RELEASE: Violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins Makes MSO Debut in Jan.

November 2021
11/22/21, PRESS RELEASE: A Madison Symphony Christmas and Free Carol Sing Return in December

11/15/21, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Cellist works; Grand Canyon not so much
11/12/21, Juliana Tornabene, NBC15: Renowned cellist to perform with Madison Symphony Orchestra
11/8/21, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: MSO’s varied program hits the right notes
11/1/21,2 PRESS RELEASE: MSO November Concerts, Thomas Mesa, Dvořák Cello Concerto, two Madison premieres

October 2021
10/18/21, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Olga Kern Wows MSO Audience…Again
10/16/21, Mike Muckian, Isthmus: Piano Pyrotechnics
10/16/21, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: With ‘Rhapsody’ and a heroic symphony, MSO returns to full strength
10/6/21, PRESS RELEASE: Full Madison Symphony Orchestra Concerts Resume in October

September 2021
9/27/21, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Happy, masked crowd returns to the MSO
9/26/21, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: Concert review: Madison Symphony returns to Overture Hall with stellar “String Spirit” 
9/23/21, John Stofflet, NBC15: Madison Symphony Orchestra returns to in-person performances

2021-2022 Season
9/20/21, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal: Madison Symphony returns — in stages — to Overture Hall
9/17/21, Wisconsin State Journal: Watch Now: Madison Symphony music director John DeMain plays Brahmns
8/31/21, Channel 3000: Madison Symphony Orchestra makes changes as new season begins
8/30/21, Juliana Tornabene, NBC15: Madison Symphony Orchestra shifts shows over Dance Co. mask mandate
8/21/21, Grace Houdek, Channel 3000: Madison Symphony Orchestra tickets now on sale
7/23/21, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: ‘Ode to Joy’ returns to Overture in September, symphony announces 
7/23/21, Keagan Schlosser, NBC15: Madison Symphony Orchestra to reunite audiences, musicians in “Joyful Reunion — Beethoven’s Ninth”
5/25/21, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: ‘We want to come roaring back’: Madison Symphony, Opera announce 21-22 seasons

2020–2021 Season
4/24/21, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal: Madison symphony weathers pandemic with help of donors and ‘being prepared’
3/30/21, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: Madison Symphony exec Rick Mackie to retire July 1
3/26/21, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal: Madison symphony to pay musicians for canceled performances
12/25/20, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: Madison Symphony sings out the year with a virtual Christmas concert
12/6/20, Abby Schinderle, Channel 3000: What’s next for the Madison Symphony Orchestra
12/1/20, Emily Hamer, Wisconsin State Journal: Madison Symphony Orchestra cancels all events through May due to COVID-19
11/30/20, Brandon Arbuckle, Channel 3000: Madison Symphony Orchestra cancels concerts, performances through May
11/12/20, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: $15M in federal funds help arts organizations offset pandemic losses
11/10/20, Samara Kalk Derby, Wisconsin State Journal: Cultural groups from Overture Center to WORT/FM receive crucial COVID-19 relief money
7/13/20, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: With Overture Center closed, resident companies announce fall plans
6/25/20, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: Closed by COVID-19 virus, Overture Center stays dark ’til December
6/25/20,  PRESS RELEASE: Madison Symphony Orchestra Concerts and Events — Sept. 2020 through Jan. 2021 Update
2/24/20, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: In 2020-21, the Madison Symphony goes big for Beethoven

2019–2020 Season
4/29/20, Closed by coronavirus, Madison’s performing arts adapt
4/9/20, PRESS RELEASE: Concerts and Events, April, May, and June 2020 Updates
2/27/20, PRESS RELEASE: March 6-8 “The Miracle” with Violinist Blake Pouliot and Guest Conductor Kenneth Woods
2/20/20, PRESS RELEASE: Wed. Feb 26, Wisconsin Young Artists Compete: The Final Forte, live concert and competition
2/6/20, PRESS RELEASE update: Madison Symphony Orchestra Feb 14-16 “Romantic Encounter” concerts featuring Pinchas Zukerman and Amanda Forsyth performing the Brahms Double Concerto for Violin and Cello
12/19/19, PRESS RELEASE: MSO Presents “Beyond the Score®: Sergei Prokofiev Symphony No.5: Pure Propaganda?” with APT actors and Multimedia, 1/19/20
11/18/19, PRESS RELEASE: “A Madison Symphony Christmas” and “Free Community Carol Sing” Bring Joy to the Holiday Season
10/24/19, PRESS RELEASE: Acclaimed Pianist Joyce Yang Debuts with the MSO playing Prokofiev
9/1/19, PRESS RELEASE: Violinist Rachel Barton Pine Debuts with the Madison Symphony Orchestra — October 18-20 concerts feature an All-Russian Program
8/1/19, PRESS RELEASE: Madison Symphony Orchestra’s 94th Season Premiere: Love, Lust & Redemption, Sept. 27-29 featuring Principal Organist Greg Zelek
4/1/19, PRESS RELEASE: MSO’s Overture Concert Organ 2019-2020 Season
3/1/19, PRESS RELEASE: Madison Symphony Orchestra’s 2019-2020 Symphony Season

March 2019
2/7/20, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Young violinist takes Madison by storm
2/7/20, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: Soloist Blake Pouliot brings MSO audience to its feet with gorgeous Mendelssohn violin concerto
2/7/20, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: A Healthy Orchestra in Strong Hands — Kenneth Woods takes the podium of the Madison Symphony, and unleashes all its gifts

February 2019
2/17/20, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Zukerman, Forsyth bring Valentine’s Day affection to Madison Symphony Orchestra
2/15/20, Mike Muckian, Isthmus: Masterful sounds on a miserably cold night
2/15/20, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: Symphony celebrates ‘romance’ with Brahms’ heated quarrel and a rousing Copland fanfare

January 2019
1/20/20, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: APT, MSO join in midwinter concert
1/20/20, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times: MSO dives deep into Prokofiev in Beyond the Score
1/16/20, Mike Muckian, Isthmus: The thunder of war

December 2019
12/15/19, Howard Hardee, Wisconsin State Journal, Concert organist creates intimate experience in grand space during holiday sing-along
12/14/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, Old friends star in MSO Christmas
12/14/19, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times, Heavenly harp and holy nights fill the hall at the 2019 Madison Symphony Christmas
12/14/19, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, At Madison Symphony, Everyone Is Home for the Holidays
12/12/19, Shaun Soman, WORT-FM, Opera Singer Holds “Master Class” For Madison Middle Schoolers

November 2019
11/21/19, Scott Girard, Cap Times, String quartet brings classical music to area elementary schools
11/9/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, Pianist Joyce Yang stuns MSO audiences
11/9/19, Mike Muckian, Isthmus, Joyce Yang triumphs with Prokofiev

October 2019
10/20/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, 1742 violin, accomplished artist, enthusiastic crowd highlight MSO concert
10/19/19, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, Madison Symphony Triumphs Over the “Soviets”
10/19/19, Mike Muckian, Isthmus, Wild Russian ride
10/19/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, Rachel Barton Pine gives memorable performance with the MSO
10/4/19, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, Madison Symphony Opener Evokes a Memory
10/4/19, Jake Stockinger, The Well-Tempered Ear, The Madison Symphony Orchestra opens its new season with a strong and memorable concert that had something for everyone — with no outside help from a guest artist

September 2019
9/28/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, Madison Symphony Orchestra gets off to spectacular start
9/28/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, Madison Symphony gets off to a strong start with ‘Love, Lust and Redemption’
9/13/19, Sandy Tabachnick, Isthmus, Monumental Music

May 2019
5/8/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, John DeMain ends year 25 with extravaganza
5/4/19, John Barker, Isthmus, Monumental Closer
5/4/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, Madison Symphony closes its season with spectacular Symphony of a Thousand
4/28/19, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal: Making room for ‘Symphony of a Thousand’
4/18/19, PRESS RELEASE: Madison Symphony Orchestra’s 93rd Season Celebrates John DeMain’s 25th Anniversary with Mahler’s Monumental Symphony of a Thousand

April 2019
4/17/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, Madison’s classical music scene keeps getting better
4/13/19, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, Madison Symphony Delivers a Better-Late-Than-Never Debut: Pianist Marc-André Hamelin graces Overture Hall at last
4/13/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, Marc-André Hamelin makes an unforgettable debut with Ravel
4/13/19, John Barker, Isthmus, Piano Perfection
3/26/19, PRESS RELEASE: Pianist Marc-André Hamelin Debuts with the Madison Symphony Orchestra Performing Works by Both Strauss and Ravel

March 2019
3/10/19, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, Madison Symphony Celebrates Its Own
3/9/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, Hometown days at Madison Symphony
3/9/19, John Barker, Isthmus, DeMain’s delights
3/9/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, ‘Orchestral brilliance’ shines a spotlight on the symphony’s own
3/1/19, PRESS RELEASE: Cellist Thomas Mesa Joins MSO Principal Organist Greg Zelek for the 18-19 Overture Concert Organ Season Finale

February 2019
2/16/19, John Barker, Isthmus, Wondrous works
2/16/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, Madison Symphony’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ delights and astounds
2/16/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Violinist excites midwinter concert audiences

January 2019
1/21/19, John Barker, Isthmus, Meeting Mendelssohn
1/21/19, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, MSO takes audience ‘Behind the Score’ of Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian Symphony’
1/11/19, PRESS RELEASE: February 19 Performance, Organist Chelsea Chen Presents Major Classical Works and an Original Composition in her Overture Hall Debut
1/7/19, PRESS RELEASE: February 15-17 Concerts, Violinist James Ehnes Plays Brahms, Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, Harbison’s The Most Often Used Chords
12/20, PRESS RELEASE: Beyond the Score® Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4, A single performance of Beyond the Score®: Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4: Why Italy? on January 20th uses multimedia and actors to explore the story behind the music.

December 2018

12/5, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, Tidings of Great Joy (for the 25th time)
12/3, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000MSO Christmas keeps getting more interesting
12/1, Lindsay Christians, Cap TimesGet your Santa hat for a Madison Symphony Christmas
12/1, PRESS RELEASE: A Madison Symphony Christmas and Free Community Carol Sing Celebrate the Holiday Season — with the Christmas Concerts to air on Wisconsin Public Television

November 2018
11/14, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says, DeMain’s Gift to “Lenny”
11/10, John Barker, Isthmus, Dazzling Bernstein
11/10, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000, 100 years of Leonard Bernstein
11/10, Matt Ambrosio, Cap Times, John DeMain’s MSO pays tribute to the many lives of Leonard Bernstein

October 2018
10/22, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg SaysMadison Symphony Gives Warm Welcome to Two New Guests
10/21, Matt Ambrosio, Cap TimesMSO welcomes special guest to the podium for its ‘Epic Romance’
10/20, John Barker, IsthmusGifts from Canada
10/19, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000MSO Crowd Cheers Guest Conductor
10/01 (updated 10/26), PRESS RELEASE: Madison Symphony Orchestra Celebrates the Legacy and Works of Leonard Bernstein
10/04, John Barker, Isthmus: Outstanding Ax
10/04, PRESS RELEASE: Acclaimed Organist Paul Jacobs Presents Excerpts of Johannes Sebastian Bach’s Organ Repertoire
10/03, PRESS RELEASE: Grammy Award-winning cellist Zuill Bailey and Canadian Conductor Tania Miller Join the Madison Symphony Orchestra for Elgar’s Cello Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5

September 2018
9/29, Greg Hettmansberger: John DeMain Launches his 25th Madison Symphony Orchestra Season
9/29, Matt Ambrosio, Cap TimesMadison Symphony Orchestra gets its season off to a strong start
9/19, Greg Hettmansberger: Greg Zelek in Recital: Volcanic, Organic, Romantic (and downright funny!)
9/17, Greg Hettmansberger, Madison Magazine: 25 seasons and counting with conductor John DeMain
9/13, Sandy Tabachnick, The IsthmusMonumental music: The Overture Concert Organ gets a workout in the coming season

August 2018
8/1, PRESS RELEASE: Emanuel Ax Performs Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto with the Madison Symphony Orchestra at the 18-19 Season Premiere

2018–2019 Season
3/7/19, Greg Hettmansberger, Madison Magazine: Meet the man behind the Madison Symphony Orchestra for the past 25 years
5/24/18, John Barker, The IsthmusThe maestro’s favorites
5/14/18: PRESS RELEASE: The Madison Symphony Orchestra Announces its 2018–2019 Overture Concert Organ Series
4/10/18: PRESS RELEASE: The Madison Symphony Orchestra Announces its New 2018–2019 Silver Anniversary Season
3/29/18, Jessica Courtier, The Cap Times: John DeMain programs a ‘few of my favorite things’ for 25th year with MSO

June 2018
6/28, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal: Madison Symphony names Kyle Knox associate conductor

May 2018
5/10, John Barker, The Isthmus: A study in contrasts: Madison Symphony Orchestra ends the season with Mozart and Janáček
5/6, Jessica Courtier, The Cap Times: Madison symphony finishes out season with a mix of new and old
5/5, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Wineke: MSO ends season with spectacular Mass

April 2018
4/14, John Barker, The Isthmus: A study in contrasts: Madison Symphony Orchestra plays a pacifist work and a celebration of spring
4/14, Jessica Courtier, The Cap Times: Symphony takes Overture audience from turmoil to tranquility
4/14, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: MSO Soloist Featured in New Yorker Profile
4/14, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: Madison Symphony the Only Sign of Spring This Weekend

March 2018
3/20, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: An “Enigma” Explored
3/19, Jessica Courtier, The Cap Times: Symphony goes ‘Beyond the Score’ by mixing music, acting and images

February 2018
2/17, John Barker, The Isthmus: Rare cello delights: Madison Symphony Orchestra presents a stellar soloist in an unconventional work
2/17, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times: The joy of being surprised: Madison Symphony Orchestra stretches, mixing new with the familiar

January 2018
1/22, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: MSO turns in an incredible performance
1/20, John Barker, The Isthmus: Violin virtuosity: Gil Shaham guests with Madison Symphony Orchestra in program of Russian composers
1/20, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times: Gil Shaham makes familiar Tchaikovsky sound fresh with MSO

December 2017
12/2, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times: True love and beloved tradition fill the stage at Madison symphony’s annual Christmas fete
12/4, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Wineke review: Tenor, soprano, bassoon highlight MSO Christmas
12/2, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: The Presence of All Means Presents for All

November 2017
11/27, Jacob Stockinger, The Well-Tempered Ear: Classical music: The annual sold-out Christmas concert by the Madison Symphony Orchestra, guest artists and local groups is this coming weekend
11/21, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: Early Thanks Given, Courtesy of DeMain and Co
11/20, Sandy Tabachnick, The Isthmus: Classical guitar star: Sharon Isbin returns to play with Madison Symphony Orchestra
11/18, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times: Sharon Isbin’s guitar highlights an eclectic Madison Symphony Orchestra show
11/18, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Review: Guitarist Brings Jazz Culture to MSO
11/16, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: Sharon Isbin and Her Never-ending Legacy
11/14, Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times: Symphony aims at newcomers with jazz, folk and Spanish guitar

October 2017
10/23, Flora Junhua Deng, The Daily Cardinal: Olga Kern, Madison Symphony Orchestra perform the works of Barber, Rachmaninoff, Ravel at the Overture Center
10/23, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Wineke: Popular pianist highlights season change in Madison
10/21, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times: Concert review: Storybooks and myths inspire MSO’s latest offering
10/21, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: Olga Kern And DeMain Deliver Again
10/21, John Barker, The Isthmus: Rare treats: Olga Kern shines in Barber’s Piano Concerto

September 2017
9/18, Bill Wineke, Channel 3000: Symphony review: MSO concert mixes music, stagecraft
9/16, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says: This Year DeMain Honors Two Traditions
9/16, John Barker, The Isthmus: Superlative season opener: Madison Symphony Orchestra highlights fine local players
9/10, Amanda Finn, The Wisconsin State Journal New organist hopes to draw attentive audiences
9/7, Michael Muckian, Wisconsin Gazette: Madison Symphony’s Dozoryst follows his muse — from Bennett to Berlioz

August 2017
8/27, Amanda Finn, The Wisconsin State Journal: Madison Symphony organist leaves a dream job in capable hands

Season 2017-2018
3/31 2017-2018 Season News Release

May 2017
5/6, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Madison Symphony Chorus, organ highlight MSO’s final concert of season.
5/6, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says Madison Symphony Closes Its Season on Very Human Notes.
5/6, John Barker, The Isthmus Choral magnificence: Madison Symphony Orchestra finishes season with Brahms’ “Requiem”.

April 2017
4/8, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Concert review: With soloist Philippe Bianconi, MSO shines brightly.
4/8, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says Bianconi Soars; Overture Hall Roars.
4/8, John Barker, The Isthmus Colossal contrasts: Madison Symphony and guest pianist Philippe Bianconi match modernists and Romantics.
4/3, Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times Olga Kern, Alban Gerhardt and Gil Shaham on Madison Symphony’s ’17-’18 season.

March 2017
3/11, Kyle Johnson, Cap Times Concert review: MSO takes Overture audience on an uneven Alpine hike.
3/11, John Barker, The Isthmus Men, mountains and woman with trumpet: Tine Thing Helseth returns to the Madison Symphony Orchestra.

February 2017
2/18, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Concert review: MSO performance looks out onto a larger world, anxiously.
2/18, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says Faux-New (and Tried and True) Heat Up Overture Hall.
2/18, John Barker, The Isthmus Symphonic imagination: Madison Symphony Orchestra hosts piano powerhouse Stephen Hough.

January 2017
1/19, John Barker, The Isthmus An entertaining “Scheherazade”: Madison Symphony Orchestra explores Rimsky-Korsakov — with the DeVitas.
1/17, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says Madison Symphony Goes Well “Beyond the Score”.
1/15, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times Put pleasurable ‘Scheherazade’ in context at symphony’s January concert.

December 2016
12/3, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says Snow or No, “Madison Symphony Christmas” Is Here.
12/3, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times At symphony Christmas concert, Maestro DeMain gets into the act.

November 2016
11/12, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says A Perfectly Timed Homecoming.
11/12, John Barker, The IsthmusFamilial spirit: Madison Symphony Orchestra presents varied program for November.
11/12, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Concert review: MSO delivers heart-wrenching performance of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5.

October 2016
10/22, John Barker, The Isthmus Something old, something new: Madison Symphony Orchestra hosts violinist/composer Henning Kraggerud.
10/22, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Concert review: Madison Symphony Orchestra takes listeners on a trip with Henning Kraggerud.
10/22, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says No Place Like (a Second) Home).

September 2016
9/24, John Barker, The Isthmus Beautiful music, distracting backdrop: Madison Symphony Orchestra’s season opener features superbly realized Holst…and irrelevant NASA video.
9/24, Jessica Courtier, Cap Times Concert review: MSO takes audience on a stunning trip to the planets.
9/24, Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says John DeMain “Launches” His 23rd Season with Madison Symphony.

Season 2016-2017
3/3, Lindsay Christians, Cap Times Madison Symphony goes multimedia for its just-announced ’16-’17 season
3/3, John Barker, The Isthmus Stellar music ahead: Madison Symphony Orchestra rolls out new season
3/3 Greg Hettmansberger, What Greg Says What’s New for the Madison Symphony Next Year?—Only A Dozen Things or So!