Our third Overture Concert Organ Series concert brought together organist Greg Zelek and trombonist Mark Hetzler, for an imaginative program that opened with a little bit of traditional Jazz: their arrangement of When the Saints Go Marching In. They created new adaptations of a few works specially for this program: a pair of movements from Bach’s cantatas, a movement of Mendelssohn’s “Reformation” symphony, and an enigmatic piano work by Satie. Greg Zelek presented a pair of French organ works: a prayerful piece by Boëllmann, and Widor’s exuberant Toccata. Mark Hetzler’s solo feature was a formidable contemporary work by trombonist Enrique Crespo. The program also included three of Hetzler’s original compositions. Read audience reviews and view photos from the amazing performance below!

Hear what the audience had to say…

We’ve heard fantastic music over the years, but I think this concert was the most FUN we’ve ever had at one. The program, the music and the chemistry between the performers made this an extremely enjoyable experience. Anybody who chose not to attend because of the last minute change missed quite the show.

Absolutely loved this concert!! Never thought the combination of organ, drums and trombone would be such a great concert! It was the best concert, ever!

Original music! Contemporary music! Music that told a story that was relatable and not from the 19th century. So fresh, new, meaningful. Hetzler and Koszewski doing new and innovative things- felt like I was in NY witnessing real, creative contemporary art. Musicians were all engaged deeply in what they were doing. More of this please!! Bring back Mark with his band and the whole orchestra!

Amazing pieces and arrangements. Went well beyond the usual organ concert and musical selection. Greg was wonderful as usual, but the collaboration with Mark, Greg and Mike was phenomenal. May rank as one of the best organ concerts we’ve attended.

Oh my god, this one was transcendent. It was one of the most creative shows I’ve ever seen at the overture. I love hearing the classics, but also love when more avant garde approaches are mixed in.

Diversity of the program & the artistry of the musicians.

Selections, the energy and enthusiasm, the overall positive ambience of the entire presentation.

It was wild. It put me in a musically place that I would have never sought out or even know where to look for it.

Wow. Innovative. loved the compositions by Hetzler. Loved Zelek. Just loved everything about it. Surprising and fun.

This was among the best concerts I’ve seen in recent years! The matching of different instruments and music selections was most appealing. Also, seeing the challenging and cutting edge techniques that Mark used was most intriguing. Greg bringing us new experiences is most appreciated.