Organ Program Books


Organ Program Books

Our organ program books contain biographies of our guest artists and musicians and information about upcoming events. They also include donor acknowledgments and sponsorship recognition.

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Greg Zelek with the UW-Madison Wind Ensemble | April 2024


Previous Program Books


23/24 Season

Oct. 2023: Greg Zelek y Amigos

Nov. 2023: Ken Cowan

Dec. 2023: Greg Zelek and Mark Hetzler, trombone: Free Community Carol Sing

Feb. 2024: Chelsea Chen

Apr. 2024: Greg Zelek with the UW-Madison Wind Ensemble



22/23 Season

Sep. 2022: Greg Zelek

Oct. 2022: Christopher Houlihan

Feb. 2023: Alcée Chriss

Apr. 2023: Greg Zelek and Tommy Mesa, cello



21/22 Season

Aug. 2021: Free Farmers’ Market Organ Concert

Oct. 2021: Greg Zelek

Feb. 2022: Reginald Mobley & Greg Zelek

Mar. 2022: Isabella Demars

May 2022: Greg Zelek with the Diapason Brass & Timpani



20/21 Season

Oct. 2020: Greg Zelek

Nov. 2020: Paul Jacobs

April 2021: Greg Zelek & Ansel Norris



19/20 Season

Sept. 2019: Choir of Trinity College Cambridge

Oct. 2019: Michael Hey & Christiana Liberis

Nov. 2019: Free Community Hymn Sing

Dec. 2019: Free Community Carol Sing

Feb. 2020: Hector Olivera



18/19 Season

Sept. 2018: Greg Zelek

Sep. 2018: Bruce Bengtson, Free Community Hymn Sing

Oct. 2018: Paul Jacobs

Nov. 2018: Free Community Carol Sing

Feb. 2019: Chelsea Chen

Apr. 2019: Greg Zelek and Tommy Mesa, cello

May 2019: Andrew Schaeffer, Free Community Hymn Sing

June 2019: Jared Stellmacher, Farmer’s Market Organ Concerts

July 2019: Bruce Bengtson, Farmer’s Market Organ Concerts

August 2019: David Ball, Farmer’s Market Organ Concerts



17/18 Season

Oct. 2017: Ken Cowan, organ and Lisa Shihoten, violin

Feb. 2018: David Briggs

Apr. 2018: Isabelle Demers 

May 2018: Greg Zelek