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Stephanie Jutt — Principal Flute

“I loved the sound of the flute from the very beginning and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to start learning to play.” Read more from Stephanie — including how she prepares for rehearsals and what shows she’s watching these days — in the latest addition to our #homewithartists story series.

Carl Davick — Bass

From washing hands to Strauss, virtual lesson plans and collaborating with his students to create lyrics for a new song “Covid Blues” he wrote, Bassist Carl Davick reflects upon what he’s doing now, to the joy of making music with friends in the Madison Symphony Orchestra, and his love of playing music for audiences.

Olga Pomolova — Violin

Violinist Olga Pomolova expresses how she feels about being a musician in the Madison Symphony Orchestra and playing music together, with her friends. She also shares what she’s doing with her time now, including learning Italian!

Marc Fink — Principal Oboe

Marc Fink shares reflections of his 32-years with the Madison Symphony Orchestra and recent experiences during this time, beginning with the orchestra in 1973.

John DeMain — Music Director

Madison Symphony Orchestra Maestro John DeMain shares performances of Brahms Intermezzos and thoughts of music, the orchestra — “what we live for” . . . “that collective response” . . . and why people find live classical music food for the soul.

Katrin Talbot — Assistant Principal Viola

Katrin Talbot shares four poems that express a range of feelings she is experiencing about what music means — from emotions about missing playing with her colleagues and moments of dissonance — to the hope of gathering again to share live performances with our audiences.